Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa

Immerse Yourself in the Thrilling World of Thembeka
Unparalleled Hunting Adventures in the Lush Landscapes of Limpopo, South Africa

Thembeka Safaris' hunting areas feature a landscape adorned with big Baobabs, Mopani brush, and acacia trees, coupled with flat terrain that facilitates easy stalking of animals by hunters.

Hunting seasons in South Africa extend throughout the year, allowing hunters to plan their hunts accordingly. It is crucial for hunters to have appropriate clothing suitable for hunting.

Located in close proximity to the Zimbabwe and Botswana borders, Thembeka Safaris' concessions in Limpopo offer visitors a pleasant climate with warm days and cool mornings and evenings.

Dangerous & Plains Game Hunting:

Specializing in dangerous and plains game, Thembeka not only provides a thrilling hunting experience but also imparts interesting facts about nature and animals to its clients. Various species are hunted in specific terrains, such as bushbuck, nyala and waterbuck along riverbeds, while kudu, sable, and gemsbok are hunted in the Mopani Brush landscape. Plains game like zebra, impala and blue wildebeest are pursued in the open plains.

Night Hunting:

Night hunting for species like cat species and bushpig is conducted using spotlights or bait. Thembeka Safaris ensures a guided experience with its Professional Hunter and experienced trackers, who will assist in skinning and preparing trophies for shipment to the taxidermist. Rifle sighting and target practice are available at a designated shooting range.

Bow Hunting vs. Rifle Hunting:

Thembeka Safaris provides clients with the option of bow or rifle hunting. Bow hunting occurs from pit and brush blinds at distances ranging from 20 to 40 yards. Rifle hunting involves tracking specific species on the list, with the possibility of encountering additional species. For dangerous game, a minimum caliber of .375h&h is required, and for plains game, any caliber between .243 and .375 is suitable. The walk and stalk method is employed for rifle hunting, ensuring a comprehensive and exciting experience.